At CJS Enterprise, our commercial metal framing services give more advantages to your property. We are fully licensed and insured to tackle all your hardwood flooring or home insulation needs. From inspection through completion, we strive for your satisfaction. We walk you through our services and process so you can come up with more informed decisions. Whether your building is small or newly constructed, we are well-equipped and experience to address its physical and structural issues. With over ten years of collective experience, our contractors perform each of the following with precisions:

metal framing

Metal framing

We carefully select our metal framing to match your interior. Metal wall framing reduces the risk of corrosion. Compared to wood, metal framing doesn’t retain moisture and doesn’t experience dry rot. Prior to installing metal framing, we execute proper planning and layout for precision and quality.

Truss systems

Our contractors will provide solutions to the challenging part of your structures. We analyze your building to ensure that loads are properly supported and transferred. We use detailed plans to customize trusses based on your requirements.


Whether you need damage repair, patchwork, finishing drywall or simply want to upgrade your drywall for aesthetics, our drywall installers got you covered! Our contractors will sit with you to discuss your renovation project in details.

Fire and sound caulking

Caulking ensures the integrity and water tightness of your structure, thus avoiding spalling, cracking or deteriorating exteriors. Your drywall, floor or ceiling can be affected with moisture intrusion and lack of proper caulking maintenance. At CJs Enterprise, we can strengthen your building integrity with our fire and sound caulking service.

drywall installers

Acoustical Solutions

Reduce the stress of your employees with good acoustics. We offer acoustic ceilings and wall panels for ideal acoustics for your indoor environment.

Doors and hardware

We can assist you with your door and hardware requirements. We are fully equipped to handle your dilemmas.

Tenant finish out

Make a statement with your interior. CJS also provides tenant finish out so you can reflect your branding with your interior.

metal building installation


We have the knowledge and the right products to provide the home insulation that you need. We can customize our services to meet your unique needs and budget. The right insulation can maximize the efficiency and fire safety of your building. We cover a wide range of insulation service and provide immediate solutions to your building structure issues.

Metal building installations

Our metal building installations provide cost-effective options for your commercial space. We can custom design a building for your individual needs.

Finish and painting

We are also capable of delivering custom finish and painting. When you use our services, expect our painters to do the job right the first time. We can help you with your color selection to match your interior.


All aspects of your flooring are handled by our highly trained contractors. Over the years, we have gained skills and knowledge to provide flooring services to our clients.

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